BlazeBlogger 0.8.0 RC2

2009-03-16 by Jaromír Hradílek, tagged as release

BlazeBlogger 0.8.0 RC2 has been released! Unfortunately, there was much more to fix than I anticipated when I published the first release candidate a week ago, and since the final release of 0.8.0 is going to stay for a while, I decided to publish the second release candidate to make sure I did not miss anything this time. Complete list of changes follows.


  • blaze-make now generates the index page for /tags directory as well. This should have been implemented long time ago, but somehow I forgot and managed not to even notice.
  • <!-- root --> placeholder has been renamed to more appropriate %root%, although old variant will be still supported, at least to the next release (for the compatibility reasons). It can also newly appear in the page/post body to make it easier to link images, videos and other files.
  • blaze-make no longer recognizes the --force option and the CSS file is now always rewritten, unless told otherwise via the --no-css option. The old solution was simply too obscure and unexpected to be worth it.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected several inaccuracies in manual pages and updated them according to changes above.
  • RSS feed now includes pubDate element, because some readers were confused without it. Once again, this should have been there right from the beginning, but somehow nobody felt the urge to tell me.


BlazeBlogger is a simple-to-use but capable CMS for the command line that produces static content without the need of database servers or server side scripting. It is suitable for a wide variety of web presentations, from a personal weblog to a project page, or even a company website.

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