BlazeBlogger 0.8.0 RC1

2009-03-08 by Jaromír Hradílek, tagged as release

BlazeBlogger 0.8.0 RC1 has been released! Among various bug fixes and several usability improvements, this is the first release to introduce the new default theme; see a complete list of changes below.


  • Improved behaviour of blaze-add and blaze-edit utilities by making them check whether the temporary file has been actually changed instead of just carelessly saving the empty or unchanged page/post.
  • Warning messages, i.e. those sent to the STDERR, are no longer being silenced by the --quiet option.
  • Extended documentation adding the thorough description of the style sheet creation process. Also extended tutorial to include necessary information about the RSS feed requirements and HTML markup (thanks to ronny for pointing this out).
  • Designed a new default theme in an attempt to provide fresh and modern look more suitable for the blogging purposes, yet keeping the theme itself as simple as possible (no images, just a plain HTML and CSS2 in the default installation).
  • blaze-init no longer rewrites existing files unless told otherwise via --force option. Similarly, blaze-make can be now --forced to rewrite the style sheet.
  • Extended command-line options of blaze-add utility. Title, author, date, tags and URL can be now specified directly on the command line, which is especially useful when adding an existing file with missing header.
  • Extended command-line options of blaze-config. When --edit option is given, well-commented and user friendly configuration file is opened in the external text editor in order to make the whole editing-by-hand process less obscure and a little bit more comfortable experience.
  • Added blaze-log for browsing the repository logs.
  • Added --short option to blaze-list to enable much compact listing of posts and pages. Also made it possible to look records up by their title.

Bug Fixes

  • Post/page lookup via date or author should now work properly.
  • Missing configuration file or localization no longer terminates the script.
  • Fixed regular expression in blaze-add utility so that Perl no longer displays warnings about obsolete feature.
  • Post/page header of the added/edited file now includes information about the issue with non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed RSS creation bug placing the title where the subtitle should have been.
  • Rewrote blaze-list so that it no longer shows records in random order.
  • blaze-list look-up options are now case insensitive.
  • Made utilities accept --page and --post options in both singular and plural form to avoid possibly annoying typing errors.
  • Corrected several typing errors.


BlazeBlogger is a simple-to-use but capable CMS for the command line that produces static content without the need of database servers or server side scripting. It is suitable for a wide variety of web presentations, from a personal weblog to a project page, or even a company website.

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